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  • Dealers will sanitize hands when they start at a new table and will routinely sanitize throughout their shifts.
  • Physical distancing guidelines will be enforced
  • Guests will be discourage from congregating behind players
  • Table games rails and chair areas, Pit Podiums and other surfaces will sanitized regularly
  • Table Games will have a reduced maximum occupancy based on type of game
  • Players will be required to sanitize their hands prior to play.
  • Chips will be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaning agent once every 24 hours
  • Dealers and Dice dealers will not be allowed any excess handling of cards, chips, dice, pucks or any other gaming instruments.
  • Disinfecting procedures will be strictly based on the chemicals MSDS instructions to disinfect


  • Table games dealers to sanitize dice upon pass off and for each new shooter. The stick man will disinfect the dice when there is a 7 out or before the dice are sent to a new shooter.
  • Table games dealers to sanitize the on/off button when entering a game
  • Craps will not have more than 6 players (3 on each end)

Card Games: Blackjack/ House Banked Poker

  • Table games dealers to sanitize the exterior of the card shoe when entering a game and the interior of the card shoe when the game goes dead
  • Cards will be swapped out every 4 hours on all Blackjack tables that are open and had play.
  • Dealers will not be permitted to layout cards (spread) on the table outside of gaming regulations.
  • Guests will not be permitted to touch cards on Blackjack and Blackjack variant games. House banked poker games will have the cards changed with every new player.
  • Guests will not be permitted to touch cards on Blackjack and Blackjack variant games 
Garrett Metcalf
October 4, 2019
"We visited 4 casinos in town and Saratoga was our favorite, it's not the biggest and it's not the most fancy but it was the most welcoming. My buddy is an amateur craps player and I have NO IDEA how to play the game, I watched as my buddy played but the dealer and the dice man were fantastic at explaining the game, the bets, and suggestions on what bets to play when for my friends success. I played about an hour of video poker, had some drinks and only ended up spending or loosing $30 for someone who doesn't gamble it was a great time."