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For an intimate, yet exciting table games experience, look no further than the pit at Saratoga Casino with Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. We give you better odds, higher payouts, and more progressive jackpots than any other casino in Black Hawk.
Enjoy traditional Craps featuring bonus bets, talls, smalls and alls. Place wagers on various side bets including sharpshooter and ride the line with 10X odds and payouts up to 175-1.
New! Five Until Five - Play before 5pm for only $5. Play a round of traditional Blackjack with our added Buffalo Bonus wager where you can win up to 1000-1.
Three Card Prime
If you like Three Card Poker, you’ll love Three Card Prime. With an added side bet exclusive to Saratoga Casino, you can maximize the ways you win!
Play Roulette Up exclusively at Saratoga. Enjoy a regular game of Roulette with the optional Roulette Up side bet where you can win a 250-1 payout.

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One of the best reasons to play at Saratoga Casino Black Hawk is our Player Extras Club rewards program! Membership is free, and your card gives you access to exciting benefits, rewards and so much more.
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