Current Openings

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Main Banker $15.00-$17.00/Hour + Tips

Responsible for team member transactions,  balancing the Main Bank, and preparing the Daily Cash Summary for their assigned shift.  Supervise cashiers in the absence of the Cage Supervisor.  Ensure cashier breaks are within allotted times.  Assign Cage Cashiers to window banks.  Monitor all kiosk cash levels and fill if a cassette goes below ¾ of its maximum capacity. Perform transactions in support of the Cage Cashiers including working the front window when necessary. Day shift Main Banker is responsible for daily bank deposits. Reports to the Cage Supervisor.

$13.00- $15.00/Hour+Tips

Each Cage Cashier is responsible for balancing their assigned window bank on their shift.  Responsible for guest transactions to include selling and redeeming currency and coin, assisting our guests with check cashing, and redeeming various promotional coupons.   Also responsible for assisting the Main Banker when opening and closing the Main Bank and assisting at the Team Window when necessary or asked to do so by the Main Banker.  Responsible for aiding the Main Banker in internal transactions to include but not limited to Jackpot Payouts, table fills, key control and other various tasks as assigned by the Main Banker.  Reports to the Main Banker.

Building Maintenance Engineer $18.00-$22.00/Hour


  • A working background knowledge of plumbing, air-handling units, basic electrical, HVAC and carpentry.
  • Responsible to assist with building maintenance including snow removal.
  • Responsible for proper use of hand and power tools.
  • Ability to perform general cosmetic repairs including painting.
  • Follows, completes, and turn in all work request forms.
  • Assist other department trades as needed.
  • Follows safe work procedures and wears personal protective equipment.
  • Helps to ensure compliance with all Federal, State and Local laws and OSHA regulations.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.


Essential Functions

  • Continual active patrol of assigned area; ensures all company property is patrolled to provide for overall asset protection and optimum guest and team member assistance and safety.
  • Writes detailed reports regarding incidents of theft, injury, property damage or other matters affecting Saratoga Black Hawk guests.
  • Completes pit fills/credits.
  • Completes table drop.
  • Assists in slot drops Tito tickets, and currency.
  • Stands guard over the premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of the rules, to direct guests or team members and to answer questions.
  • Patrols assigned areas to watch for suspicious persons and activities.
  • Reports irregular activities or apprehends or expels violators according to policy.
  • Assists in enforcing all city, county and state and federal laws and/or ordinances where applicable.
  • Ensures effective and professional interface with all public services officials and any representative form other casinos.
  • Assists guest and team members in the completion of incident/accident report.
  • Ensures all support duties and responsibilities to all department are carries out in an efficient and timely manner and that immediate action is taken on any situation which might be illegal, life-threatening, or otherwise extraordinary.
  • Learns Company Emergency Evacuation Procedures efficiently handle fires, evacuations, robbery attempts, bomb threats, etc. in a professional and calm manner that will not panic guest or team members.
  • Identify all possible safety hazards and remove those hazards in an expedient manner.
  • Performs CPR/medical assistance.
  • Uses fire extinguisher.
  • Receives and logs lost and found items.
  • Escort guest and team members to their vehicles
  • Contact Black Hawk Police Department when necessary.
  • Performs AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing.
  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Work under pressure situations
  • Possess sound, mature judgement.
  • Possess organizational/planning skills.
  • Colorado Gaming Support License required

Surveillance Inspector $13.50-$16.00/Hour

  • Ensures all Company property is observed to provide for overall asset protection and optimum Guest and Team Member assistance and safety.
  • Ensures immediate action is taken on any situation which might be life threatening, illegal, or otherwise extraordinary.
  • Ensures effective and professional interface with all public service officials and any representatives from other gaming establishments.
  • Constantly monitors all areas within camera view.
  • Proactively keep known cheats off property.
  • Ensures that all Title 31 procedures are being adhered to.
  • Immediately notifies the appropriate department heads or civilian authorities upon detection of illegal activities.
  • Follows up actions and activities with reports as necessary.
  • Completes all reports in a timely, accurate and truthful manner.
  • Keeps the Surveillance Manager and/or other appropriate personnel informed of all pertinent information regarding Surveillance activities and any irregularities.
  • Oversees and , at times, verifies large payouts by the Casino (i.e. jackpots)
  • Observes and detects cheating activity.
  • Operates video equipment
  • Assists in completing a daily “Recap” sheet on the activities observed or reported to Surveillance.
  • Assists in the training of new Surveillance Team Members.
  • Table Game knowledge (Blackjack, Bonus Six)
  • Type 30 words per minute using a computer word processor.
  • Computer skills on Microsoft word.
  • Ability to operate video equipment.
  • Familiar with procedures of other departments.
  • Understanding and working knowledge of Company emergency action procedures.
  • Ability to conduct count checks on Blackjack games.
  • Ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing with Team Members and the Public.
  • Must possess sound, mature judgment and above-average organizational/planning skills.
  • Dealing Experience on one or more Table Games.
  • Prior Investigator experience.
  • Prior experience in Surveillance related profession is preferred.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Colorado Gaming License is required.


Housekeeper $13.00-$15.00/Hour

  • Helps clean all areas of the casino, including restrooms, casino floor, office areas, restaurants and other areas as needed.
  • Provides hands-on assistance in cleaning and operation of equipment
  • Inspects all areas of company for cleanliness
  • Communicates with Team Members in the department
  • Checks work assignments for completion and quality of work

Dealer $9.30/Hour+Tips

  • Deals all table games proficiently.
  • Conducts monetary transactions
  • Collects and pays wagers.
  • Keeps supervisor advised of guests’ needs and occurrences on game that could affect the comfort of the guest or the security of the game.
  • Able to assist and instruct new players in the fundamentals of the game.
  • Good math skills.
  • Manual dexterity.
  • Must have good verbal communication skills.
  • Minimum of one year experience in dealing table games; a thorough knowledge of

       all games is essential.

  • Colorado Gaming Support License.


The Sportsbook Cashier is responsible for maintaining the assigned cash drawer with an acceptable level of coins and cash. The Sportsbook cashier is responsible for the processing of sports wagers and payment of winnings and for maintaining accountability for all coin, cash, and cash equivalents within the assigned drawer. Provide outstanding guest service while writing and paying Sportsbook tickets and providing information to guests. Answer customer questions related to sports and sports betting. Process contest selections and parlay cards as applicable. Perform responsibilities in accordance with all company standards, policies, and procedures within the Sportsbook Department. At the end of each shift, the Sportsbook Cashier will be responsible for reconciling the assigned cash drawer and completing all necessary paperwork associated with this position. The Sportsbook Cashier reports directly to the Sportsbook Supervisor or above.









$9.30/Hour + Tips

This position is responsible for servicing guests in the Cafe by seating guests, taking orders, serving food, and collecting money efficiently, accurately, and timely. This position is also responsible for performing assorted side duties, including but not limited to setting tables, filling condiment containers, cleaning, and other duties, as necessary. This position requires the server to maintain complete knowledge of all menu items, their prices, method of preparation and availability. Server ensures that assigned areas are kept clean and orderly.

Minimum Requirements:

Experience as a food server in a casino environment or in a casual and/or fine dining environment is preferred. Must possess outstanding interpersonal communications skills, providing courteous and efficient guest and food services. Must be able to work a flexible schedule, including holidays, weekends, and graveyard.

Saratoga Casino offers competitive wages, Medical, Dental and Vision benefits after 60 days, 401k, Vacation and Personal time, Transportation Subsidies, Meal Discounts, Tuition Reimbursement and Gaming License Reimbursements.

Garrett Metcalf
October 4, 2019
"We visited 4 casinos in town and Saratoga was our favorite, it's not the biggest and it's not the most fancy but it was the most welcoming. My buddy is an amateur craps player and I have NO IDEA how to play the game, I watched as my buddy played but the dealer and the dice man were fantastic at explaining the game, the bets, and suggestions on what bets to play when for my friends success. I played about an hour of video poker, had some drinks and only ended up spending or loosing $30 for someone who doesn't gamble it was a great time."